Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On poetry and graphics....

How I dream about the words that Lucille Clifton writes. I have many times cursed at the stupid, inconsiderate male who happens to cross my path on a bad day. I usually don’t feel bad for the exact reasons Clifton mentions. Wishes for sons, is a feminist anthem, in it’s own right. While the subject matter is less than hostile, it carries a sense of determination and bite. I felt empowered just reading it. Even though it relays negative images, the overall message expresses a sense of power and magic in being a woman.
Of course, Erika Lopez, is more than familiar with the female anatomy – as her graphic story portrays. I laughed the whole way through, maybe in an attempt to keep from crying and agreeing. Amusing that all of women’s troubles can be simplified to the blood that runs from between your legs. It also never occurred to me, that tampons were a capitalist invention. Or that cats could talk. Her images in the story are perfect in their context and assist in generating humor from the story.
On a completely separate subject, I loved the comic on page 17. The comic was mostly hilarious because it reminded me so much of New College, and Marriot. The lack of cultures and ethnicities, other than upper-middle class white kid, astounds me. Don’t get me wrong I’m a middle class white kid, but it still makes me dumbfounded when I think about the lack of multicultural diversity on campus. Of course, Ham Center really does try to mix it up with all those burritos, nachos, and egg rolls.

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